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Multifocals - a spring special.

Written by Anne Matheson on September 11th, 2013.      0 comments

We feel multifocal glasses (and contact lenses) get a bit of bad press and that lots of our customers are frightened of them." Multifocals?" they say," I wouldn't want those" - as if we were suggesting dentures or a Zimmer frame! We know that multifocal lenses cost more than single vision lenses and that there is an association with aging, but we'd like to give one of the great technological advances of the twentieth century some good press for a change.

As human beings, our close focusing ability deteriorates noticeably from the age of forty-five or so. If we haven't had glasses before, that's when we get our first pair. If we have glasses already, we can get a second pair for close tasks but multifocals can be a much better solution. Their graded optical power means we can focus up close without having to swap glasses. And they look just like other glasses - no dividing lines. No-one else is going to know if they are multifocals or not. There are a few things to get used to, but we can talk you though those.

Sometimes a pair of glasses dedicated to a particular task can be useful. If you read a lot, and especially if you like to read in bed you will probably enjoy a pair of reading glasses. You can read in bed in your multifocals, but you may find you have to read in a more upright position than you'd like.

This September and October you can have the best of both worlds. If you buy a frame and multifocal lenses, we'll shout you the lenses for a pair of reading glasses as well. Come and see us soon. 



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