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Meet the team

The team of ten at Sercombe and Matheson Opticians is made up of three optometrists, four dispensing opticians, an optical technician, a receptionist and the practice manager. We're all Wellingtonians by choice. Wellington is a great place and it deserves to be seen clearly! We think that looking after your eyes should be a priority in life and we'd like to help you look after yours.

The Directors


Roger Sercombe, Dispensing Optician

Roger started work in what was then his parents' business in 1987 and qualified as a Dispensing Optician in 1991. A couple of years working in London in the early nineties widened his experience and he returned to the family business in 1994 and that's when he initiated the lens edging and spectacle making part of the business. These days, Roger's particular area of expertise is progressive (multifocal) glasses - many previously dissatisfied wearers have benefited from his advice and problem solving skills  2016 saw Roger become a multifocal spectacle wearer so now he can empathise as well as advise.Outside work. his interests include mountain biking, movies and watching his daughters play sport.

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Anne Matheson, BOptom (Auckland) CertOcPharm


Anne's Bachelor's degree dates from 1986 but but she completed Auckland University's post-graduate Programme in Ocular Therapeutics in 2004. This allows her to prescribe a range of medications for eye conditions. Anne's particular work interests include multifocal contact lenses, glaucoma and its diagnosis and treatment, and social media. Anne is short-sighted and has been wearing glasses since she was eight and is now a mutifocal wearer herself. She thinks the film festival is the highlight of the Wellington winter, and  likes to swim outdoors  in the summer. Board games are a year-round enthusiasm. Anne works on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

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The Staff


Natalie Beardsworth,  FBDO, BSc(Hons), MCOptom, MClinOptom

Originally a dispensing optician, Natalie studied optometry at the University of  Wales. After graduation in 2002, she worked as a hospital optometrist in  Nottingham and emigrated to New Zealand in 2004. Since joining Sercombe and Matheson in 2007 she has completed a Master's degree in Clinical Optometry. Her special interests include paediatric optometry and myopia control but she's always keen to answer your general questions  such as what astigmatism is and whether you can lose a contact lens behind your eyeball.When Natalie isn't testing eyes she's enjoying good coffee, reading and going on holiday.

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Richard Ng, BSc (Otago) BOptom (Auckland)

Richard has two university degrees which is impressive considering he doesn't like to read. 2016 saw him him complete the Australian College of Optometry's Post Graduate Certificate in Ocular Therapeutic He is a Wellingtonian born and raised but has visited many countries doing volunteer work abroad.  He is on the board of trustees of the New Life Foundation, Tanzania. Richard is interested in fashion trends in frames and sunglasses. Richard used to be shortsighted but since having laser surgery in 2016 no longer wears glasses himself.  Richard's leisure activities include photography, sport, health and fitness, live music and comedy. Richard works Monday to Thursday at Featherston Street and on Fridays at our Thorndon practice..

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Madelene Jensen, Dispensing Optician

 Originally from South Africa, Madeléne arrived in New Zealand in 2007, part way through dispensing training. Fully qualified since 2009, Madeléne loves the fashion aspect of frames and is passionate about helping people find the best solution for their optical needs. Mother of two , her free time is spent having fun with her children. She enjoys reading, painting and creative DIY projects. Madeléne has astigmatism and finds wearing glasses helps keep her eyes relaxed. She wears certified sports frames with transition lenses for social football.

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Ian Bennett, Optical Technician

Ian's first job was working as a technician in a wholesale optical laboratory. Since then he has had a varied working life, including spending time as a cycle courier before returning to optics. Ian is a talented spectacle repairer  - the more challenging the job, the more satisfying he finds it. By way of professional development he's expanding his skills into maintaining lens edging machines and a he's had trip to Japan to learn more about that. Ian is a relatively new multifocal spectacle wearer. Ian is into tramping and climbing and is a keen mountain biker. He is a member of the Wellington City Council's volunteer rural fire service. On the home front keeping chooks and gardening are steps on the way to becoming self-sufficient.

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Arnold Dela Cruz, Dispensing Optician

After deciding medical school wasn't for him,  Arnold worked in pharmaceutical sales. He joined the optical industry when he moved from the Philippines to New Zealand in 2008. It was a  change that he's found satisfying and rewarding, and he qualified as a Dispensing Optician in 2013. Arnold loves the customer interaction involved in dispensing, especially the challenge of matching the person's optical needs to their lifestyle needs. Outside work, he's  acquired a Diploma in Business Management from Victoria University in Melbourne.and  he enjoys playing guitar and percussion,  gardening, car maintenance, DIY projects, video games and going to the gym.

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Vanessa Sercombe, Practice Manager

After a brief spell at a secretarial course, Vanessa moved on to teachers' college and trained as an early childhood teacher. 16 years educating and nurturing children, managing staff and running early childhood centres and community creches have given her an abundance of organisational and people skills which she's now applying to Sercombe and Matheson's business. Mildly shortsighted and an enthusiastic wearer of avant-garde glasses, she's delighted to be involved in both frame purchasing and sales. Helping our clients choose frames provides a nice contrast with the many administrative tasks she's involved in. Managing her daughters' touch teams teams and planning the family holidays keep her busy outside work. 

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Rachael Young,  Dispensing Optician

Always happy to leave the front desk and help our clients choose a frame,  a few years ago, Rachael decided to move away from reception duties and take on spectacle dispensing professionally. 2021 sees Rachael registered as a Dispensing Optician after a (mostly) correspondence course completed in 2019 followed by 800 hours of  supervised practical work.  Apart from dispensing, Rachael has a wide range of work projects including our direct debit programme and our window displays. Rachael wears occupational progressive glasses at work which means she's very comfortable at her computer screen. Outside work, martial arts and  child-wrangling keep her in good shape.

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Monique Tobin, Receptionist

Our newest  staff member, Monique has  recently completed a degree in film and media studies.


quote I have used a number of opticians over the last 30 years and have found no-one else that can offer such a complete service as Sercombe and Matheson.Your ability, professionalism and sheer speed of service is second to none.
David P
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