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How to choose an optometrist

Written by Anne on September 20th, 2012.      0 comments

At a fundamental level, there are two methods of choosing an optometrist - reactive and proactive. The reactive method involves trying to eliminate the problems or things you didn't like about your last optometrist - so if you couldn't get an appointment in your lunch hour at the last place you went, you try and find someone who will give you an appointment at 12 o'clock. While this is a valid method, we'd suggest that it's a bit limiting and only deals with one or two aspects of an optometrist and their practice.

The proactive method involves thinking about the things about an optometrist and their business that are important to you. Can you get there easily - particularly important if you think you'll need more than one visit. Can you have an appointment when you want it? Does the optometrist have the skills and interests you want - can they prescribe eye medication and do they fit contact lenses? Do they see children routinely? Do they have an appealing range of frames? Can they repair your glasses for you? How fast can they help you achieve what you want?

You may also find it helpful to get recommendations from people you know, especially if you haven't been to an optometrist before.  Ask your friends, family and colleagues about their optometrists and what they liked and didn't like. Your doctor may have useful opinions about optometrists in the area, so do ask.

Research is really valuable when choosing an optometrist. We've mentioned asking people you know but there's also visiting the practice website and visiting the practice before making an appointment. If you pop in at lunch time, you'll be able to get a feel for what the business sells and what the people are like



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