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Case Study 2: Computer Glasses

The problem

Bifocal wearers often get a sore neck when they're using a computer. This happens because their computer monitor is positioned higher than paper-based reading tasks would be and so they have to lean toward to the monitor and lift their chin to see it clearly. This can get pretty uncomfortable if they're doing it for a long period.

The solution:

Sercombe and Matheson advice regarding reading from computer screens 1
A separate pair of spectacles focused for the computer will solve the sore neck problem but could mean the wearer having to swap to a different pair of glasses for paper based tasks. This problem could be solved by using
Sercombe and Matheson advice regarding reading from computer screens 2
An occupational bifocal set up so that the top part of the lens is focused for the computer and the bottom part focused for paper based reading. For added flexibility, putting the occupational bifocals into a slim frame could allow the wearer to look over the frame to see distant objects.
Sercombe and Matheson advice regarding reading from computer screens 3
An alternative solution is to use an Occupational Progressive Lens. The power will vary from computer focus at the top to close reading focus at the bottom. Some lens types have a small area for distance viewing at the top, but since this lens is designed for indoor use it won't be very good for driving or walking outdoors. Compared to a general purpose progressive, an occupational progressive has a very wide field of view for the middle distance, which is why it's so good for computer use.


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