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Case study 1: Distance Glasses

The Problem:

When you're wearing distance glasses and you're over fifty it's common to find that while you can read road signs and see your golf ball at the other end of the fairway, you can't read your map or see your score card. You may be able to take your glasses off to read or you may have to put on a different pair of glasses to see clearly up close. Either way, it's quite a hassle.

The Solution:

Bifocals or muitifocals would really help here. They enable you  to see clearly for both far and near tasks, and your hands are free.  For example:
specialised bifocal lens
An almost invisible small bifocal. I use this often for my golfing clients and for shortsighted people who usually take their specs off to read. The bifocal is small and fitted very low so there is no difficulty with walking.
Progressive Lenses 1
A general-purpose progressive (multifocal). Multifocals take some getting used to, but they don't have lines or a power jump like a bifocal. Their biggest benefit compared to a bifocal is the clear vision in the arms-length zone, which you need to see your dashboard, computer screen, shelves and  wall displays. You'll appreciate your multifocals in the car, at the library, in galleries and in shops. General purpose progressives give a wide field of view for distance viewing and have a smaller field of view for reading.


quote Roger and the team provide high-level knowledge and customer service. Finding a trustworthy practice was life-changing and a relief after being supplied with poorly aligned glasses in the past, which made life difficult. They have a sensitive professional approach that puts the customer first"
Jane M.
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