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Case Study 3:Reading Glasses

The Problem:

Its common to find that  while reading glasses are great for books, newspapers and your mobile phone, they make the TV look blurry. This means taking your glasses off  to see the screen clearly. Likewise, if you're wearing reading glasses at a meeting, you can read your notes but the people at the other end of the table are out of focus.
Sercombe and Matheson advice regarding reading glasses 1

The Solutions

1. Choose a  shallow frame so you can look over the top  to see across the room easily. This option works best for people with good distance vision.

2. Have a bifocal or multifocal lens instead. This means you can have a large frame if you'd like and means your glasses can give you help with distance tasks if you need it. The advantages are that you won't have to take your glasses on and off for different tasks and   bifocal and multifocal lenses are thinner and lighter than the equivalent reading lenses. If you 're mostly going to use your glasses  for reading you can choose a bifocal with a larger reading area.

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