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Tips for Contact Lens and Glasses Wearers

Contact lense tips

10 Things Every Contact Lens Wearer Should Remember:

  1.     Wash your hands before handling your lenses.
  2.     Use fresh solution every time you store your lenses.
  3.     Keep the tops on your solution bottles.
  4.     Replace your lens case regularly.
  5.     If you haven't worn your lenses in the last month, soak them in fresh solution before you wear them.
  6.     Use artificial tears when your lenses get dry.
  7.     Don't wear your lenses if they're persistently uncomfortable.
  8.     Don't wear other people's lenses.
  9.     Consult your optometrist when you have a contact lens problem.
  10.     Eye infections are potentially sight-threatening. Adhering to points 1 to 9 will help prevent eye infections.
Glasses case

Glasses Care

  1.     Always take your glasses off with two hands.
  2.     Never put you glasses face down on any surface.
  3.     Keep your glasses in a case - preferably a hard one.
  4.     Never leave your glasses on a seat or on the dash of your car.
  5.     When cleaning, hold your frame at the bridge or the lens edges to avoid stress on the frame.
How to handle glasses correctly

How to Clean Your Glasses

  1.     Wash your glasses regularly to keep them clean and to reduce the chances of dirt scratching the lenses.
  2.     Use cold water (never hot - it can damage your coatings) and a drop of dish-washing liquid to help remove grease from your lenses.
  3.     Rinse off with cold water and wipe dry with tissues.
  4.     Use lens cleaning sprays and tissues when washing your glasses isn't convenient.
  5.     Before polishing dry lenses, brush the surface lightly with your soft cloth to remove any grit or dust, then shake the cloth and continue polishing. We sell a specially designed cloth for cleaning your spectacle lenses.
We're happy to adjust your spectacles or sunglasses. This is a free service so come and see us anytime so we can help keep your glasses in shape. It's an opportunity to tighten screws and to replace damaged or discoloured nose pads.


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