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Contact Lens Solutions

We stock most brands of contact lens storage and cleaning solutions at very reasonable prices. You'll be particularly impressed with optometry only solution Value Packs which are not available in pharmacies. As their name implies Value Packs are much better value than buying individual bottles and include free storage cases to help you replace your case regularly.  Value packs are not available in pharmacies. We also stock a wide range of dry eye products and eyelid hygiene products.

We are very happy to make recommendations if you are confused about which brand is best for you. 2013 has brought a new version of optifree, and a a new disinfecting solution from Bausch and Lomb so there may be improvements to be made yo your contact lens care regime.

A comprehensive product list for this category appears below.

Product List

Allergan:Refresh Plus, Celluvisc, Optive

Alcon:  Optifree Puremoist Value Pack, Optifree Express (120ml, 355 ml and Value Pack), Systane, Systane Ultra, Systane Balance

AMO: Oxysept, Complete Value Pack, Total Care Disinfecting 120 ml, Total Care protein remover, Revitalens Value Pack

Bausch & Lomb: Renu multiplus (120ml, 355 ml and Value Pack),Sensitive Eyes Daily Cleaner, Biotrue Value Pack

Cibavsion; Aquify (90ml and Value Pack), AOsept plus (120 ml, 240ml and Value Pack), Aquify comfort drops

Novartis: Lidcare, Viscotears Gel, Genteal Gel

Theratears: Theratears drops,Theratears gel, Theratears Nutrition, Sterilid


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