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We supply ready-made prescription swimming goggles for both adults and children. The short-sighted powers are from from -2.00 to -9.00 and for long-sighted powers are from +2.00 to +6.00. The  lenses have a special anti-fog treatment, a UV filter and come clear, or tinted grey or blue. Our recommended brand of goggles have lenses with good quality optics and fewer distortions than some cheaper options. There's a choice of  strap and goggle colours

If your prescription is outside the readymade range, or you have astigmatism, we can fit your exact prescription to a Progear H20 or Tusa View swimming goggle. The lenses do cost more than the stock options described above. 

Progear Swimming Goggle-852
Come and see us and discuss your options or contact us for advice.
Childrens Swimming Goggles


quote Roger and the team provide high-level knowledge and customer service. Finding a trustworthy practice was life-changing and a relief after being supplied with poorly aligned glasses in the past, which made life difficult. They have a sensitive professional approach that puts the customer first"
Jane M.
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