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Ready-made Readers

You might think that ready made reading glasses are an odd thing for an optometry practice to sell, given that our core business is individualised prescription eye wear is core business for us.

However, ready made reading glasses are ideal for contact lens wearers and can  be a cost effective alternative to a tailor-made pair if you have a suitable prescription. And who better to tell you that than us?
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Ready-made readers always have the same power in the right and left lens, come in a limited range of powers and don't correct for astigmatism.The lenses are centered at a measurement that may not be suitable for you.  If you don't know whether you have similar right and left prescriptions, whether you have astigmatism or whether your close vision difficulties are due to cataracts or other eye disease, we recommend you have an eye exam to find out. That way, you'll find out whether prescription glasses would give you better vision or not, whether ready-mades would make a useful backup pair, and you'll know whether your eyes are healthy.

We have a selection of colours and styles available - you can decide how much of a statement you'd like to make.

We also have sunglass versions in reading only and bifocal format. The sunglass bifocals are particularly popular as they make reading outside easier and more convenient


quote I have used a number of opticians over the last 30 years and have found no-one else that can offer such a complete service as Sercombe and Matheson.Your ability, professionalism and sheer speed of service is second to none.
David P
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