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Dive Masks

If you're a glasses wearer whose leisure time involves diving or snorkelling, a prescription dive mask can really change your life. You'll  get a clearer view of the fish and aquatic life, see potential hazards sooner, and find your gear on the shore more easily.

Ready-made prescription diving masks are available in short-sighted powers from -1.00 to -8.00 and in long-sighted powers from +1.00 to +4.50  in 0.50 steps. The lens centration can't be altered but you can order different lens powers for each eye. Stock bifocal lenses are also available in certain models - the usual system is to have one bifocal lens only and put it on the side you read your gauges.

We recommend the premium Tusa M-212 (pictured below) which is a high-quality split lens mask with an extra-wide field of view and easy-to-adjust straps. It's available in a variety of colours - check out the full range here
Dive Mask with prescription lenses
Prescription dive mask
For Serious Users we'd recommend the premium M-212 mask which costs $190 and each lens is $85. It comes in a hard case and the high quality soft silicon is very comfortable and won’t change its shape over time. The premium snorkel SP-0101 is $95. This is a dry top style that stops water getting down the tube. It bends easily to fit into the provided bag and the design, quality and comfort are the best available.
Occasional Users may prefer the value UM-7500 mask at $120. Each lens still costs $85 and  no hard case is supplied. It is a step down from the M212 but is still good quality. If you can afford the extra $50 the premium M-212 is definitely worth it. The value snorkel USP-250 is $50. This is also a dry-top style that stops water getting down the tube. It is high quality and comfortable, but again the premium SP0101 is superior in every way.
For Holiday Only Users we have a budget package with mask and lenses for $190 in a hard case. If a snorkel is required it would cost an extra $30. This is only available in blue..
If you need lenses outside the stock range, specially made lenses can be glued to the inside of the mask. This costs more than the ready-made option. Depending on your prescription, a pair of lenses is $500-$600. You may be able to use your existing mask but we will need to assess whether it's suitable. Add one of our mask only options above to establish a package that suits you.

To talk to one of our dispensing opticians about prescription dive masks contact us by email or phone us on 04 472 4261.


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